Crafting marketing that grow businesses

Enjoy reading about my experience delivering projects across branding, design, print and digital. I hope they demonstrate a passion for and understanding of the latest trends and best-practice digital design techniques.


Incufashion is a passion project of mine. It’s an alternative Antwerp fashion concept that allows fresh designers and models to showcase their skills. The past 8 years we enjoyed giving our audience a fun, honest and fashionable evening at always surprising locations. Let’s say it was a fun ride and a great experiment with brand strategy, creation & activation. Web design by yours truly.

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De Blauwe Hond

We are currently building a brand new website for this known Flemish retailer in paint and tools. My focus is on web architecture and web design. The goal is to update their online identity and with the right amount of design/art direction this will work out nicely. ‘De Blauwe Hond’ is now even thinking about broadening its horizon with a web shop. To be continued!

KAS | Kunst Aan de Stroom

If you’re managing an event location, it’s key to attract potential customers. For ‘KAS’ I designed a business card and brochure to go with that great venue. As the importance of social media can’t be underestimated, we launched a facebook page and ad campaign to fit the client’s needs.

La-on Lawyers

To thank existing clients, international law firm ‘La-on’ asked me to design an invitation. Creating a double-sided invitation card including a small map, to attend a Jef Neve concert, really is no trouble. Next was a folder to attract new clients from within the transportation sector.

Bambi’s Mom & The Cooking Factory

For this sassy one-woman catering business, I designed an edgy business card. Literally, because the whole thing looks like someone has taken a bite out of it. This client very much had an idea in her head and it was my task to transform an idea into an actual-Bambi-looking-yummy business card. I like to think Bambi’s mom and I will live happily ever after. Professionally that is.

Theater van A tot Z

For an Antwerp based educational theatre company I put together their seasonal brochure and designed a new website. Now teachers everywhere can find their students a fitting theatre play much quicker and easier. As ‘Theater van A – Z’ began a new chapter in collaboration with theatre company ‘Fast Forward’, I made sure they had a killer logo to attract attention of old and new audiences.


A fair amount of nostalgia brings me to this project. Being one of my first (projects) I designed the logo for this Antwerp based theatre company. As they are a local legend, I wanted to emphasise their status with simplicity. Less is always more.